Road construction machines


  • Mastic asphalt technology

Mastic asphalt finisher KBR 110 SL

For automatically installation of mastic asphalt during road building with
automatic grit

  • The minimum installation width is 3250 mm, in steps of
    250 mm; the installation width can be increased to a max. of 12500 mm.
  • Hydrostatic chain-driven all-wheel drive, speed of
    0-3 m / min, infinitely adjustable. Max. moving speed 10 m/min. Can be equipped with pendulous suspended crawlers, rail wheels or vulcollan wrappings. The height is adjusted via stable elevating spindles and is hydraulically driven. Standard hydraulically adjustable side bulkhead
  • Finisher tools in milled design with pressing and smoothing surface are propane-heated and each screed part can be equipped with a thermometer for temperature control
  • Grit spreading is computer-controlled
  • There is an option to equip the screed with various special features:
    Blade distributor
    230 V generator
    Fold-out caterpillar drives
    Replaceable end fittings
    Hydraulic pillar chassis
    Assembly jig

Technical details:

Description KBR 110 SL
Installation width 3250 mm – 12,500 mm
Height adjustment finisher section from +100 mm to -350 mm
Heating of finisher section Propane gas bar burner made of stainless steel
Drive motor HATZ diesel engine type 4L41C, sound-insulated
Traction drive Hydrostatic all-wheel drive, reversible with pendulous suspended caterpillar drives
Operating speed: 0.25 – 3.00 m/min
Dimensions of basic unit:
Approx. length 4000 mm
Approx. width 2950 mm
Approx. height 2700 mm
Approx. installation width 3250 mm
Approx. weight 7800 kg

Subject to technical changes.

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