Founded 1919

For decades, GRÜN GMBH has been involved in developing and producing specialist machines for the building sector. The goal was and is to provide processors with technically advanced specialist equipment for the efficient use of labour. Particular focus is placed on practical collaboration with installation companies, manufacturers of processing materials and work safety groups, in order to enable operators to carry out high-quality work.

Machines for Boilers for Sealing Compound, Boilers with Hand-operated or Motor Driven Agitator, Mastic Asphalt Boiler and Boiler for the Transport of Mastic Asphalt, Disk Milling Cutter and Joint and Crack Milling Cutter, Lance-type Propane Hot-air Burner, Hand-operated and Motor Driven Spraying Devices, Joint Sealing Applicator, Propane-Burners, Soldering Devices, Gas Bottle Carriages and Gas Bottle Heaters, Bitumen Boilers, Flat Roof Fasteners, Bitumen Buckets, Bitumen Pouring Cans, Roof Repair and Restoration Equipment, Water and Dirt Suction Equipment, Safety Devices against Falling Down, Roof Safety Systems, Flat Roof Guard Rail, Discharge Chutes.

Winter Markiertechnik

The ideal machine for every marking

With its know-how in road construction, WINTER GRÜN GmbH has been specialised in developing and producing innovative and high-performance road marking machinery. The WINTER GRÜN range of products offers the most suitable machine technology for every marking project – be it focused on structure markings, thick-layer markings or spray applications using the AIRSPRAY, AIRLESS or hot spray procedures – from handheld devices and maximumcapacity road marking lorries, to specialised equipment and machinery. Accessory units, such as road lane driers, demarking millers, thermoplastic pre-heaters and bead dispensers, complement the product range.

Our comprehensive warehouse, efficient logistics operations and the servicing and emergency teams guarantee short response and support times even in emergencies – around the clock and even on construction sites.

In the high pressure water jetting technology, we are offering as the OEM of PeelJet and TrackJet systems highly efficient solutions for road and for airports demaring, surface roughening and rubber removal.

Our systems have been already used on countless roads and at approx. 100 airports.

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