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Simer suction and immersion pump

Art.-Nr. 5057 0000

Powerful, portable all-metal pump that removes water up to a height of approx. 2 mm above the floor surface via the protected floor inlet. The pump already starts working at a water level of only 5 mm! Hose connector for ½“, ¾“ and 1“ hose.


  • Robust cast aluminium construction
  • Portable and versatile
  • Self-venting starts at a water level of just 5 mm
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • 10 m replaceable power cord
  • Completely submersible, IP 68
  • Stainless steel rotor shaft
  • Integrated thermal protection
  • Mechanical seal


Technical data:

Suction motor: 230 V / 50 Hz / 190 W
Pump rate: to 60 l/minute
Head: max. 6 m
Weight: approx. 5 kg



Simer Level Control – Accessories

Simer Tauchpumpe mit Level Control

The new SIMER LEVEL CONTROL accessory enables automatic operation of the pump when water is detected on the ground.

The Level Control is interposed between the cable connection and the pump and automatically switches the pump on and off. The circuit can be easily retrofitted with a few simple steps. Stainless steel electrodes that close a relay on contact with water automatically activate the SIMER.

By default, the LEVEL CONTROL circuit activates the SIMER pump at a water level of 7 mm. When a residual water level of 2 mm is reached, the pump switches off automatically. Automatic operation can be adjusted by shortening the electrodes so that the pump only starts at a higher water level. This results in less pump cycling over time.

To start the LEVEL CONTROL circuit manually, simply switch over the permanently installed switching bridge; this causes the pump to start immediately. The new accessories can also be used outdoors as they have IP68 protection class. The circuit does not require an additional power supply.


Assembly is as simple as this:

  • Loosen the screw connection of the connection cable
  • Insert and screw in SIMER LEVEL CONTROL
  • Screw the connection cable into the SIMER LEVEL CONTROL housing
  • Fix the plastic holder around the pump

Non-return valve 1 ¼” – Accessories

The SIMER non-return valve is an accessory that ensures that the water does not flow back out of the hose when the pump is switched off.

It is screwed between the pressure outlet of the pump and the hose connection and is ONLY suitable for portable use of the flat suction SIMER 5 pump.



Product Part No. Figure
Simer Level Control 5057 3000 Simer Level Control
Non-return valve 1 ¼″ 5057 2000 Rückschlagklappe
Water hose 20 m ¾“ 1601 0000 Wasserschlauch 20 m ¾“ / Water hose 20 m ¾“


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