Road construction machines


  • Manual agitator boiler

VK 50 HR sealing compound boiler with temperature indicator

  • For melting bituminous joint sealing material Manually operated propane vortex beam burner
    with drain cock for taking out the melted material
  • Pointer thermometer for temperature control
  • Double-wall insulation of outer casing of the pot
  • Flame-shield protection plate in the combustion chamber
    Heating provided by hot air
Description VK 50 HR stationary VK 50 HR with manual driving assembly
 Item no.  83710 0000  83711 0000
 Boiler capacity  50 L  50 L
 Heating  Indirect heating by
 Indirect heating by
 Burner power  11 kW  11 kW
 Temperature indicator  yes  yes
 Temperature control  no  no
 Model  stationary  manual driving unit
 Agitator Manual agitator Manual agitator
 Approx. length  670 mm  1110 mm
 Approx. width   720 mm   720 mm
 Approx. height  1050 mm   1250 mm
 Unloaded weight approx.:   51 kg   63 kg
3 m high pressure hose including 1.5 bar regulator 1501 0000 1501 0000
3 m high pressure hose including 1.5 bar regulator 1502 0000 1502 0000

Subject to technical changes.

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