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  • Brazing Burner


Art.-Nr. 2555 0000

In robust sheet-steel case. With burner combinations for soft soldering, lead soldering, heating and flame-cleaning, as well as for light hard soldering.


Universal soldering handle, soldering holder, wind cage, copper hatchet-type iron, 350 g, angled, soft soldering burner sizes 3, 5 and 7, broad welding torch, 32 and 64 mm, refill adaptor, propane gas igniter, wrench SW 17/19, small bottle with stand and 1.5 m propane hose.



Product Part No. Figure
Medium pressure regulator 1,5 bar
for small bottle with hose rupture protection, R 3/8“ left
2595 0000 Mitteldruckregler 1,5 bar / Medium pressure regulator 1,5 bar
Small bottle
complete with stand, valve and hook Connection 3/8“ left, delivered. Weight when full 0.425 kg. Construction type approved and TÜV-tested.
2480 0000 Kleinstflasche / Small bottle
Refill adaptor
for filling small bottles of 3, 5 or 11 kg propane gas bottles
2481 0000 Umfüllstutzen / Refill adaptor


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