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Safety roof hooks GRH 03

The safety roof hooks “GRH 03” are devices for creating higher workplaces through hanging roofing ladders. They are used as attachment points for safety harnesses for personal safety for one person on sloping roofs of buildings.

This safety roof hook allows you to work safely on the entire roof surface. The safety roof hook has a cranked bar to bridge the roof battens. Thanks to its special fixing plate, the safety roof hook can be adjusted to fit the curvature of the tiles. It is fixed with two stainless steel screws through the formwork in the rafters.


The specification text is only available on request.


DIN EN 517:2006 Type B for one person

The safety roof hook has been tested and certified as per pre-defined standards for installation on the roof.
The force applied parallel to the substrate must not exceed 6 kN.


Technical data:

Description: PSA – Safety roof hooks “GRH 03”
Article number: 49350000
Material: VA (A2)
Mounting material: VA (A2)
Fire protection class: A1

Possible plastic deflection during a fall arrest: 400 mm (lateral)

The safety roof hooks must not be used for rope-supported work.


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