Road construction machines


  • Bitumen spray technology

Self-propelled bitumen spraying machine BSM 600-3R AH and BSM 600-3R FK-AH

For spraying primer, bitumen emulsions and polymer-modified binding material.



  • The machine is available in two versions:
    • BSM 600-3R without preheating hood, without drum crane
    • BSM 600-3R FK with preheating hood and drum crane
  • Chassis with hydraulic friction wheel drive at the rear axle, hydraulic lowrable steering wheel, hand brake, electrical speed control, roll bars, vehicle lighting package and 600L binding material tank with space for a 200l drum in the preheating hood.
  • Binding material pump with pressure relief valve and hydraulic drive to allow back suction, circulation and suctioning out of the tank.
  • Water-cooled 3-cylinder Kubota turbo diesel engine with electric starter.
  • The coolant from the diesel engine is used to heat the binding material pump, bitumen filter and the spray bar. The binding material tank is heated by a propane gas burner system. The automatic gas burner system is equipped with all necessary safety devices.
  • A compressed air cleaning system with a small compressor is provided for cleaning the binding material pump, spray bar and bitumen hoses.
  • The delivery includes a 5 m spray hose and hand-spray lance for applying the binding material.


Technical details:

Description BSM 600-3R FK-AH
Item No. 0346 0200
Diesel engine Product: Kubota type: D1105
Diesel engine power 18.5 kW at 3000 1/min
Drive of the binding material pump Hydraulic with volume controller
Max. capacity of binding material pump approx. 210 L/min
Power of propane gas heating-system approx. 10 kW
Propane gas bottle holder For one 11 kg propane gas bottle
Compressed air cleaning system Electric compressor with 20 L pressure tank
Approx. travel speed 0-6 km/h, infinitely adjustable
Approx. climbing power 15%
Approx. length 5.100mm
Approx. width 1.900 mm
Approx. height 2.500 mm
Approx. deadweight 1.870 kg



Description BSM 600-3R FK-AH
Pre-spray bar VSP 6-2,1 1 middle part, max. spray width 2.100 mm
Pre-spray bar VSP 9-6,5/td> 1 middle part and two folding parts max. spray width 3.375 mm<
BSM optional package Consisting of digital speed and pressure indicator to optimize the quality of the spraying process.

Subject to technical changes!

Thanks to many years of cooperation of Mr. Maximilian Straßmayr, co-founder and former managing director of Straßmayr GmbH Adlwang Austria, who held the position as the technical manager in the field of bitumen emulsion and patch technology, we successfully established ourselves in the market and complete numerous projects with success.

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