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Roof stripper Turbo

Art.-Nr. 5030 0000

  • compact handy device for the removal of cut membrane
  • Roof assembly width that has to be flaked: ca. 40-50 cm
  • driving speed ca. 1000 m/h
  • high number of blows of ca. 5000 Hub/min
  • driving operation is engaged via clutch



For peeling of roof sheeting and roof insulants like poly styrene plates, PU plates, cork plates and so on.

The Roof Stripper Turbo with driving gear strips the roof sheeting cut off the base. The powerful motor 2400 W/230 V AC is equipped with starting current limiter and drives the travelling gear and the percussive mechanism. The high number of strokes (5.000 strokes/min.) and an extremely strong bearing guarantee trouble free operation. The travelling gear can be connected and disconnected by means of a coupling.

Because of the compact design and an effective distribution of weight combined with optimum handiness the work can be done with minimum effort. By means of the bow-type guide bar the stripped roof sheeting are thrown rightwards beside the machine. Stripping width approx. 40 – 50 cm, travelling speed approx. 1.000 m/h.

The equipment is dismountable, can be easily transported and is suitable for universal use.


Technical data:

Knife width: 35 cm
Gross weight with additional weight: approx. 130 kg
Travelling speed: approx. 1.000 m/h
Motor rating: 2.400 W/ 230 V AC
Feed cable: 10 m



Product Part No. Figure
Special-Type knife 5037 0000 Spezialmesser / Special-Type knife
Spare knife blade, standard-type 5032 0000 Ersatzmesserblatt Standard / Spare knife blade, standard-type
Set of spike driving wheels 5033 0000 Satz Spikes-Antriebsräder / Set of spike driving wheels


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