Fall Protection


  • Lanyard


Art.-Nr. 42994040

Forked expandable lanyard with energy absorber and connectors with swivel for use near sharp edges


Expanded length: 1.50 m

Relaxed length: 1.20 m

2 aluminium scaffold hooks with swivel and load indicator, gate opening 60 mm
1 aluminium swivel quarter-turn locking hook with load indicator, gate opening 18 mm

Conforms to:
EN 355:2002, PPE-R 11.063


– 35 mm wide Polyester expandable/elasticated webbing lanyard,  specially designed to withstand sharp edges

– Energy absorber in 45 mm wide controlled-tear webbing, which reduces the impact of the fall to less than 6 kN

– Loops protected by an abrasion resistant tubular webbing

– Compact energy absorber, protected by a small zipper pouch, easily openable for internal control of the energy absorber webbing

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