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Petrol operated Roof cutter DS 31

Art.-Nr. 5420 0000

The robust, powerful cutter with two percussion knives for double cutting capacity. The vertically mounted hard face percussion knives are driven by V-belt. The rotation in forward direction cause self-drive of the cutter. The cutting depth is infinitely variable.



Technical data:

Cutting depth: adjustable up to max. 140 mm
Motor rating: 11,1 PS / 8,7 kW
Cutting capacity at normal proof structure: approx. 3.500 m / h
Cutting width: approx. 61 cm
Weight: approx. 110 kg



Product Part No. Figure
Spare percussion knife 390 mm 5027 0000
Spare percussion knife for cold roof 5023 2000  50232000_Ersatzschlagmesser


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