Road construction machines


  • Patch technology

Patchmatic machines from the SPM series

For the long-lasting restoration of damaged road surfaces.


  • The binding and gritting material are applied with precision to potholes, pattern cracks or other damages in the asphalt surface, this allows an efficient repair of the damages. The restored area can be opened to the traffic immediately.
  • The binding material tank is insulated and heated by an oil or gas burner system. The tank has a mechanical volume indicator, transparent lid on the top and a circulating system to shorten heat-up time.
  • Split container with two chamber system, partition ⅓ or ⅔ with a screw conveyor.
  • The working arm has a radius of approx. 3.8 m, and an attached control unit for controlling all necessary working operations.
  • Diesel engine with electric start for hydraulic drives of the binding material pump, air blower and split screw conveyor.
  • The Patchmatic machines can be mounted on changeable platforms, truck or trailer chassis with the appropriate bearing capacity.


Technical details stationary model:

Description SPM40 SPM50 SPM66 SPM80
Item no. SPM gas 83440 0000 83450 0000 83466 0000 83480 0000
Item no. SPM oil 83440 0100 83450 0100 83466 0100 83480 0100
Diesel engine type Kubota D1505 Kubota D1505 Kubota D1505 Kubota D1505
Diesel engine power 26 kW at 3.000/min 26 kW at 3.000/min 26 kW at 3.000/min 26 kW at 3.000/min
Total vol. of
grit container approx.
4.000 l 5.000 l 6.600 l 8.000 l
Bitumen tank vol. approx. 1.300 l 1.300 l 1.300 l 1.300 l
Approx. working radius of the working-arm 3.800 mm 3.800 mm 3.800 mm 3.800 mm
Approx. length 5.000 mm 5.000 mm 5.000 mm 6.000 mm
Approx. width 2.450 mm 2.450 mm 2.450 mm 2.450 mm
Approx. height 2.200 mm 2.400 mm 2.600 mm 2.600 mm
Approx. deadweight 3.000 kg 3.200 kg 3.600 kg 4.000 kg
Four-parking supports with crank handle (for empty device) Item no. 83440 6800
Convertible roof with canvas cover Item no. 83440 6500
Electrically water pump with water tank 250 l Item no. 83440 6600


Subject to technical changes!


Thanks to many years of cooperation of Mr. Maximilian Straßmayr, co-founder and former managing director of Straßmayr GmbH Adlwang Austria, who held the position as the technical manager in the field of bitumen emulsion and patch technology, we successfully established ourselves in the market and complete numerous projects with success.

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