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  • Mastic asphalt technology

Mastic asphalt transportable boiler with vertical agitator 500 l to 6.200 l

Special equipment for transporting mastic asphalt and mastic.


  • All boilers are equipped as standard with a sound-insulated Hatz diesel engine, hydraulically operated outlet, digital temperature control for the mixing material and two 116 L propane gas tanks.
  • The power transmission from the agitator works hydrostatically or with a hydraulic motor equipped with a drive chain.
    Models ATK 8 and higher include two-phase agitator drive.
  • The standard boiler covering is made of stainless steel.
  • The advantages of this series are the approved agitator drive, moderate weight, outstandingly simple operation, high operating reliability and low price.


Model Boiler capacity (litres) Model Boiler capacity (litres)
ATK H 1 500 ATK H 8 3400
ATK H 1.5 750 ATK H 10 4800
ATK H 2 900 ATK H 12 5400
ATK H 3 1350 ATK H 13 5800
ATK H 5 2200 ATK H 14 6200


Accessories available for additional price

  • Side material outlet, 300 x 180 mm, mechanically operated with short detachable chute and actuating lever. Advantage: Asphalt can be removed while positioned on the sidewalk.
  • Hydraulically actuated side material outlet
  • Highly polished VA cover
  • Rotating beacon light mounted on the top rear of the boiler.
  • Hardox 400 coating in the area around the agitating hands
  • Three-cylinder Hatz diesel engine instead of the two-cylinder engine.
  • Work headlights
  • 150 litre gas tanks instead of 116 litre gas tanks
  • 230 volt oil burner with 200 litre fuel oil tank instead of gas burner system
  • Boiler tilts 500 mm fro the ATK 8 boiler
  • Toolbox
  • Standstill monitoring of agitator and burner monitoring visible in the rearview mirror
  • Flame control with repeat ignition. Complete with solenoid valves instead of the safety pilot.
  • Infinitely variable agitator drive combined with more powerful hydraulic motor. Advantage: higher torque on the agitator shaft. Easy to agitate heavy materials. The agitator shaft speed can be adjusted to the particular material. (Low-wear!) approx. maximum torque: 58,000 Nm (for ATK 8 boiler and higher)


Subject to technical changes.

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