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  • Propane burners with stainlees steel heads

Propane Burner A 25 Ø

Propane burner for professionals. For drying and all aspects of felt laying.

  • strong
  • firm
  • safe
  • functionally tested
  • stainless

The Propane Burner A 25 is available in 3 various lengths.




Technical data:

Max. heat output: 13,3 kW
Total Length: approx. 400 – 800 mm
Head Ø: approx. 25 mm





Figure Name Total Length / Weight Part No.
AnwärmbrAnwärmbrenner; Propanbrenner; Handbrennerenner, Propanbrenner, Handbrenner Propane Burner A 25/400 approx. 400 mm / approx. 0,60 kg 0101 0000
Anwärmbrenner; Propanbrenner; Handbrenner Propane Burner A 25/500 approx. 500 mm / approx. 0,60 kg 0102 0000
Anwärmbrenner; Propanbrenner; Handbrenner Propane Burner A 25/800 approx. 800 mm / approx. 0,70 kg 0103 0000






The new handgrip

With solid brass workmanship to withstand the workload.
The controls give graduated adjustable working flame.
Handgriff; Handgrip


Manufactured from strengthened, nickel plated, steel pipe.
Extra strong screw threads.
Brennerrohre / Tubes

Unbreakable heads

Manufactured from refined stainless steel.
Unverwüstliche Flammenbecher / Unbreakable heads


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