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Flatroof Foam 1010 S Insulation Adhesive

Art.-Nr. 6091 0000

GRÜN 1010 S Flatroof Foam is a singlecomponent, self-expanding polyurethane adhesive for bonding heat insulation panels for flat and sloped roofs.



Suitable for:

  • EPS insulation panels
  • Polystyrene
  • stone wool
  • polyurethane panels
  • sanded bituminous sheeting


Advantages of Grün 1010 S Flatroof Foam:

  • simple and clean application
  • lower material consumption
  • cost-eff ective and quick working method
  • fast hardening, waterproof and durable against low temperatures
  • long-lasting, secure bond
  • waterproof, maximum water-absorption is 1 % as a result of its composition
  • environmentally-friendly due to absence of CFCs
  • smooths out unevenness
  • outstanding adhesive properties
  • less post-expansion
  • B1 EN13501-1
  • tested at the Institute of Industrial Aerodynamics Aachen



The surfaces to be bonded must be dry, stable, fixed, level and clean. Wetting the surfaces with water is recommended before applying the nadhesive. Wet substrates that are covered by a film of water and substrates with standing water are not suitable. The optimum temperature of the spray can for the application is 20 – 25 °C.
The PU adhesive should be applied to 1 m² of insulation
material in 3 horizontal lines that should be evenly spaced from one another. The individually applied lines should have minimum diameter of 30 mm. The edge lines may not be more than 3 – 5 cm away from the edge of the panels to be fixed. Adjustment can take place up to 10 – 15 minutes after application.
The precise dosage of the polyurethane adhesive enables less consumption. An insulation layer of 8 – 12 m2 can be affixed with the contents of one can.
Owing to the variety of applications and working conditions we recommend pretests for all areas of application.


Suitable substrates:

  • bituminous surfaces, sanded and unsanded
  • Chipboards (coarse + fine)
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Metal
  • Plywood


Technical specifications:

Gross density 12 – 16 kg/m³
Application/substrate temp. mind. -5°C bis max. 40°C
Can temperature +5°C bis +25°C – optimum +15 bis +25° C
Non-adhesive time 5 – 10 min bei 18 °C, 60 % rel. humid.
Hardening time 1,5 – 5h, depending on temperature and humidity
Temp.resistance – 40°C to + 90°C
Water absorption DIN 53428     max. 1 Vol. %
Compressive strength DIN 53421     0,04 – 0,05 MPa
Tensile strength DIN 53455     0,15 – 0,18 MPa
Breaking elongation DIN 53455     15 – 25 %
Heat conductivity DIN 52612     0,036 W/m K at 20 °C
Filling amount per can 800 ml



Product Part No.
PU-Foam Gun with 60 cm lance 9970 0087 PU-Schaumpistole mit 60 cm Lanze / PU-Foam Gun with 60 cm lance
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