Fall protection


FKS 90 facade curve set 90°

Art.-Nr. 48911500

Facade curve set in stainless steel for GREENLINE® cable securing system

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Safety instructions

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Building approval


The FKS-90 facade curve set can be used as an internal or external corner. It is mounted directly on the facade by means of 2 fittings and can be moved over freely. The curved tube can be bent as required and therefore adapted to the specific angle. It can be mounted on a steel reinforced concrete facade or a steel subsurface.  Requirements of subsurface:

  • reinforced standard concrete (cracked and uncracked)
  • Strength class C20/25 to C50/60
  • Minimum component thickness 160 mm
  • Edge spacing min. 200 mm
  • Steel DIN EN 1993-1-1
  • Strength class > S235
  • Minimum component thickness Technical Building Regulations
  • Edge spacing Technical Building Regulations

Mounting materials:

  • 2 x threaded rod A2 M16 (for mounting in concrete)
  • 2 x hex bolt M16 (for mounting in steel)
  • 2 x stop nut M16
  • 2 x hex nut M16
  • Fischer hybrid mortar FIS SB 390 S (for mounting in concrete)
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