Fall Protection


  • Rescue Equipment


Art.-Nr. 43061100

Webbing rescue ladder, lg. 6 m, with integrated belaying system


Rungs with rigid aluminium reinforcement, diam. 11 mm

Under no circumstances should this ladder be used as a means of access.

Fixed to a structure / an anchor point through a connector attached to the upper textile loop, and unrolled to the victim, it allows the latter to reach a safe place (by ascending or descending) while being secured by a third person in case of a second fall.

Integrated securing system, composed of:
– a sliding fall arrester and a Kernmantle rope dia. 10 mm, length 7 m
– 6th rung (from the bottom) red-coloured, 7th rung (from the bottom) orange-coloured for a better visual spotting of the bottom of the ladder
– integrated transport bag
– Delivered with 3 steel carabiners

Conform to:

– Webbing: polyester
– Rungs reinforcement: aluminium
– Rope: Polyamide

– Ladder: 6 m
– Rope of the securing system: 7 m

Weight: 3.88 kg.

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