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  • Mastic asphalt technology

The new generation of mastic asphalt boiler RGTK 9.000 – RGTK 11.000

Special equipment for transporting mastic asphalt and mastic.



  • water-cooled 3-cylinder KUBOTA diesel engine incl. soot particle filter, confirm to the new emission regulations starting to be valid from 2019 on
  • silent and protected by an housing of the hole driving unit
  • powerful agitator through direct drive by an 4-step planetary gear
  • stepless speed setting of the agitator from 0-7 1/min with reverse operation
  • big display for showing the material temparature, speed of the agitator, hydraulic pressure and further operating states
  • heating by an oil burner (Weishaupt), additional blower for an effective, fast and consistent heating of the boiler shell through a flue gas distribution chamber incl. temperature limiter for the boiler shell
  • boiler shell made of 8 mm or 10 mm special steel with very high lifetime
  • high load capacity because of low deadweight
  • the boilers are characterized by a short design, large boiler diameter with low total height
  • safely opening of the filling lid through working platform above the driving unit
  • big drain cock with two hydraulic cylinders for quick draining of the boiler
  • the boilers can be build up to trucks, trailers or semitrailers with the according load capacity
  • qualitative boiler isolation and a high-gloss facing with V2A sheet


Technical details:

Description RGTK 9000 RGTK 10000 RGTK 11000
Item no. 82090 0010 82100 0010 82110 0010
Boiler capacity 9,0 m³ 10,0 m³ 11,0 m³
Approx. bearing length 4.990 mm 5.390 mm 5.790 mm
Approx. width 2.200 mm 2.200 mm 2.200 mm
Approx. height 2.200 mm 2.200 mm 2.200 mm
Filling lid 1.300 x 800 mm 1.300 x 800 mm 1.300 x 800 mm
Drain cock 600 x 360 mm 600 x 360 mm 600 x 360 mm
Approx. deadweight 5.300 kg 5.700 kg 6.000 kg
Diesel engine power 28,0 kW 28,0 kW 28,0 kW
Max. Torque (agitator) 40.000 Nm 40.000 Nm 40.000 Nm


Subject to technical changes.

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