Fall Protection


  • Permanent guardrails

BARRIAL® Korridor

Permanent flat roof guardrail

  • Height adjustment up to 300 mm
  • Ballasted, without penetration of the roof membrane
  • Modular system for variable walkway widths
  • Patented rail clamp, no pre-drilling
  • Assembly with minimum tools

Barrial® Korridor: Escape and maintenance routes with a system

The self-supporting design of Barrial® Korridor ensures that any penetration and the resulting damage to the sensitive roof cladding are avoided.
The system is designed in such a way that no direct connection to the substrate is necessary. This means that all liability risks and warranty claims, for example due to leaks in the roof waterproofing, are excluded from the outset. The well thought-out prefabrication of most components and the low dead weight enable uncomplicated, fast installation. Time-consuming and expensive sealing work is completely eliminated.
Barrial® Corridor is tested and certified in accordance with the standard: DIN ISO 14094-2.


Customised design options

With Barrial® Korridor, you have three basic variants to choose from for enclosing and securing escape and maintenance routes.
The realisation of different path widths, door openings or railing connections is part of the modular prefabricated system. Different variations of Barrial® Korridor ensure that the system is suitable for practically any roof structure – whether without covering, with gravel or extensive greenery.
Intelligent components such as corner connectors, skirting boards, wall connections and self-closing door openings, as well as the wide range of RAL colour options, make Barrial® Korridor a flexible solution for escape and maintenance routes.


Typ 1

Ideal as an escape, rescue or maintenance access route with single-sided guide railings for embedding in gravel or green roof systems.

Typ 2a / 2b

Escape, rescue or maintenance access route with singleor double-sided guide railings for embedding in gravel or green roof systems.

Typ 3a / 3b

Escape, rescue or maintenance access route with paving as ballast (not included in scope of delivery) with single- or double-sided guide railings.
The imposed load of the paving ensures stability of the system. No additional weights are required. The walkway width and rail grid
for receiving the paving slabs are adapted to conventional slab dimensions at the factory.


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