Fall protection


RH2 roof hook

Art.-Nr. 49460000

for steep roofs, for fixing to wooden battens

  • Galvanised or coated
  • Suitable for 2 people
  • Tested to EN 517 B and EN 795 A
  • in all load directions





The safety bracket is tested on the subsurface for which it is intended and designed to meet the Principles for the Testing and Certification of Personal Protective Equipment for 2 people. The test was carried out statically and dynamically in accordance with both DIN EN 517 B (2006) and EN 795 A, in all load directions. The RH2 safety roof hook is a fixed anchorage point for PPE that is built into the roof structure. It serves as a ladder hook and as a single anchorage point for the fall arresting or restraint system for personnel working on the edge of the building.  Material:

  • Stainless steel, untreated
  • Galvanised steel
  • Steel, powder-coated, brick red
  • Steel, powder-coated, chalet brown
  • Steel, powder-coated, anthracite

Assembly options:

  • Fixing to wooden beams 10 x 10 cm with 2 x HBS diameter 8 x 100 mm
  • Fixing to wooden beams 8 x 10 cm with full continuous battening, with 2 x HBS diameter 8 x 140 mm

Subsurface: min. rafter cross-section: 100 x 100 mm Or with continuous wooden formwork: min. rafter cross-section: 80 x 100 mm Min. cross-section of support battens: 30 x 50 mm Wooden formwork thickness: min. 22 mm

Description Type Item no.
RH2 roof hook galvanised or coated 4954 0010
RH2 roof hook Galvanised steel, untreated 4954 0000
RH2 roof hook Galvanised steel, brick red 4954 1000
RH2 roof hook Galvanised steel, anthracite 4954 2000
RH2 roof hook Galvanised steel, chalet brown 4954 3000
RH2 roof hook Stainless steel, untreated 4953 0000
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