Road Construction Machinery


  • Asphalt heating technology

Hot air mini replaster RP 600

For lasting repair of pattern cracks and potholes with Replast method

  • Cost-effective, simple and easy to operate
  • Gentle heating and softening of the damaged asphalt
  • A force-coupled corn-in-corn connection
    without weak points

Technical details:

Description Hot air mini replaster RP 600
Item no. 5109 0000
Frame with bottle holder for 1 gas bottle (11 kg)
with 2 metal wheels
propane burner with piezoelectric ignition
and safety pilot
Approx. heating area 600 x 600 mm
Max. heating power 44 kW
Approx. length 1500 mm
Approx. width 620 mm
Approx. height 1020 mm
Approx. deadweight 70 kg
Digital thermometer
For checking the asphalt temperature
with probe sensor
measuring range -50 ° C to + 550 °C
power supply: 9 V battery
approx. weight 160 g
Item no. 9930 4100
29 L asphalt repair boiler
with removable inner pan, propane burner and aggitating-spattle
Item no. 5108 0000
Boiler accessories
5m high pressure hose with 1.5 bar regulator and SBS
Item no. 1502 0000
Repair asphalt
for filling potholes, bucket volume approx. 20 kg
Item no. 5109 9005

Subject to technical changes.

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