Road construction machines


  • Crack and joint cutting technology

FFM 15 carbide joint cutter

For expansion of cracks and for cutting joints in asphalt surfaces.


  • Slow moving hydraulically-powered tool to reduce dust creation and high daily output
  • Very manoeuvrable due to small cutting disc and special chassis to rest on with hydraulic propulsion and rollbar with loading lug.
  • Quiet water-cooled Kubota diesel engine with electric starter
  • Vehicle lighting package consisting of rotating light, turn signals, work headlights and taillights
  • Reliable under the most harsh operating conditions


Description FFM 15
Item no. 5369 0000
Engine Water-cooled 2-cylinder Kubota diesel engine 11 kW at 3.200 rpm
Hydraulic cutting shaft drive Cutting disc attached via additional  bearing to the hydraulic motor
Traction drive Hydraulic approx. 0-5 km/h with hydraulic steering
Approx. weight 680 kg
Approx. length 2050 mm
Approx. width 670 mm
Approx. height 2000 mm/1450 mm
Cutting disc Ø 160mm 5369 8100

Subject to technical changes.

Viewport: lg md sm xs
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